The New England Regional Dredging Team

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  • Dredging at Boston Harbor.
The New England Regional Dredging Team is a group of federal and state agencies in New England that meet to discuss and recommend resolution of technical issues related to dredging and dredged material disposal in New England waters. Formerly called the Sudbury Group because it had met at the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Sudbury, MA for many years, the early meetings pre-dated the national initiative to create Regional Dredging Teams (RDTs).

Regional Dredging Teams have been established with the intent to improve dredged material management by fostering communication and planning, providing a forum for issue resolution, and increasing public education and community involvement.
The New England Regional Dredging Team has established four State Dredging Teams and one Long Island Sound Regional Dredging Team. These teams include a more focused representation of local groups, state agencies and private interests than the NERDT. Many of these participants are primarily interested in very localized issues. There are also working groups established around individual dredging projects, especially those involving larger harbors. An overview presentation of the NERDT structure and mission was presented at a National Dredging Team Steering Committee meeting in October 2005 and is accessible here: RDT Powerpoint